Kahn opened his arms wide, embracing the unlimited prairie beyond, "They say a big sky equals a big mind." He looked back at Ray, "Sometimes a dangerous thing."   

Welcome to rural life on THE FRONTIER, where everyone has a secret and nothing happens but talk—until Ray trips into town. At 29, she’s edgy, smart, attractive—and hanging by a thread. Haunted by a troubled past and the sudden, severed end to her longest relationship, she takes a temporary teaching job and escapes to the small town of Winston, desperate for a clean slate.

There she meets Kahn, a developer who sizes her up as his next acquisition, but he’s got competition in a town full of farmers facing a frigid winter with little else to plow. Fascinated by her old-Hollywood glamour and reckless anonymity, everybody wants in, including Kahn’s protégé, the buff and bucolic Paul.

Blind to her budding reputation, Ray struggles to adapt to the raw and entertaining world around her: she bonds with terrorism-survivor Kahn, befriends bawdy neighbors Tara and Maggie, and begins a tentative love affair with Paul. But the locals are watching, and soon spin Ray into a violent tornado of fear and lies, forcing her to confront the tragedy she left behind and the eerie awareness that the same fate is now stalking her.

Read the first chapter here.

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