An anonymous E.R. doctor calls to tell you that your father is dying and you need to get up to Tofino, quick. So you go immediately, don’t you?

Unless you hate the guy.

And Jesse does. At 26, she knows all the drama with her father and the troubled years she spent in his care should be old history, but it’s not. It comes flashing back as she packs a bag, as she contemplates the temporary job she's found in Tofino, as she tells her long time lover Michael that she’s leaving and doesn’t know when she’ll be back. 

Michael takes her impending exit as a personal insult. How can she abandon him in his hour of . . . well, not need, really, but self absorption? After all, she’s spent the past seven years tangoing with his reluctance, catering to his whims and his inability to make a decision and actually commit to something.

Determined not to suffer from the same affliction, Jesse promises to be back before he notices she’s gone. Then she packs her limp design career into her laptop and boards a floatplane, hoping Vancouver Island’s wild, west coast will inspire her to reinvent the past and create a brighter future.

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