"People believe what you tell them. You just have to decide what you want them to know."

Sitting U.S. President Jack Santiago Thomas is a rock-star politician who’s made a career out of crafting the truth. Charismatic, with a hero swagger and a slight resemblance to a young Elvis, Jack was elected on his promise to restore “decency and integrity” to the Oval after Trump’s time in office, but halfway through his first term a sex scandal threatens to end his presidency and force him to register as a sex offender.

Determined to restore his reputation, Jack uses the System to sabotage his accuser, then leans on his lithe and loving wife Sharon, a savvy former Senator, to validate his denial. But even Jack can’t deny the intense health problems he begins to experience.

Caught between a critical diagnosis and the growing scandal, Jack decides to fake his death and secure his esteemed place in history before it’s too late, but soon learns not everything can be scripted.

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